About LBI

Livelihood Business Incubation Centre at ni-msme is engaged in imparting EDP(Entrepreneurship Development Programme) & ESDP (Entrepreneurship skill development programme) classes.  Faculties of different schools are giving subject specific trainings to the candidates where they are covering sales marketing e-marketing, accounts, financial management, project management, schemes related information, project proposals, financial schemes, Online plat forms etc., The centre is continuously engaging industry experts for imparting technical and theoretical trainings. Objective of LIVELIHOOD BUSINESS INCUBATOR (LBI) is to create jobs at local level and reduce un-employment by creating a favorable ecosystem for entrepreneurial development in the country.

The main focus area under the livelihood incubation is to take up those commercial activities, which are need based.  To create enterprises in the rural areas of the country.

  • LBI got sanctioned for nimsme under ASPIRE scheme under Ministry of MSME.
  • Incubation Center was inaugurated by Cabinet Minister Shri Kalraj Mishra ji on 27th December 2016

The centre is continuously inviting Bankers and venture capitalists to interact with the participants. Participants could get realistic exposure to prepare project reports and proposals. Bankers are continuously encouraging participants to get acquainted with various financial support schemes.  We often invite lead banks like SBI. SIDBI, Andhra Bank, Canara Bank and NBFC’s.


Best Practices by ni-msme’s Livelihood Business Incubation Centre

In this day and age, obtaining information isn’t the challenge — it’s sifting through the endless streams of data, insights and idea exchanges that soak up more time than the analyses themselves.  Building a better business with incubation cell is a great way to keep the grind wheel churning when your skills are low and zeal is high. Ni-msme is running Livelihood Business Incubation Centre to cater the need of developing a conducive environment to start business at micro level. The Incubation centre is equipped with 8 different trades of market oriented businesses. The centre provides customized programmes for both skill development and starting up of businesses. The incubation cell provides full-fledged information about different MSME and other schemes, marketing & e-marketing, advertising, material management, sampling, costing, financial management, accounting, office establishment, resource planning, HR management, project management & preparation, research and loan consultancy. The most important aspect of training is the development of detailed project report preparation. Institute conducts special workshops on different government SME loanm schemes by lead banks. Within one year of inception of incubation centre, it has helped to 300 candidates to seek loan under Mudra, Standup India and PMEGP. The centre also provides six months of handholding to the entrepreneur, giving them the full support to manage their unit and taking them to different market opportunities like exhibitions and trade fairs.

Centre’s Five Years of Vision

The centre has 5 years of action plan to train 4000 participants. These trained candidates are regularly being monitored by department so as to understand their growth. We conduct monthly bankers meet with candidates to route them for a better loan scheme which could also guarantee a collateral free loan. The centre is creating a pool of new entrepreneurs which could give them a information resource and thereby creating a strong social and business network for their holistic growth. Centre will conduct exhibitions and trade-fairs to promote the business.

Few Reasons of hampered growth of MSME sectors

Though the measures by government to create the holistic environment for business startup and development is very good but still there are certain areas where impetus has to be given.

  1. Complex banking structures and counselors – Seeking loan becomes very complex when it comes to the banking terms and procedures. Those who do not get any training for loan assistance it becomes a challenge to them. Bankers often lack advertising their schemes in comprehensive methods.
  2. Most of the government colleges lack training on business developments in their formal courses hence a young graduate finds it very difficult to know the proper and rightful way to start business or production unit.